a covered layer of fat.

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    the incapability of reproduction.

    structures that are able to detect changes in pressure

    one of the paired organs that excrete urine.

    the dried leaves and flowering tops of Menthe piperita used for flavouring and having healing properties.

    a change in the physical or mental condition of a person, regarded as evidence of a disease.

    a pouch of skin containing the testicles.

    inflammation of the lining of the mouth.

    fissure of a tooth.

    a condition in which objects appear yellow.

    any horny superficial growth.

    a method recording electrical currents traversing the heart muscle

    pain at the anus or in the rectum.

    any deformity of the foot involving the ankle.

    a soluble nitrogenous waste compound excreted by the kidney in the urine.

    a systematic grouping of data into classes according to the frequency of occurence of each value, resulting in a graph.