deposit of seminal fluid within the vagina , normally during coitus.

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    a group of peptide neurotransmitters that occur naturally in the brain and have pain-relieving properties.

    a complex carbohydrate molecule, derived from a seaweed,  used as a solidifying agent to grow bacteria and other micro-organisms in the laboratory.

    a position side by side.

    partial unconsciousness.

    any neck like structure such as at the junction of vagina and uterus.

    deposit of seminal fluid within the vagina , normally during coitus.

    the presence of potassium in the blood.

    Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome is a deficiency of immunity in the body caused by a viral infection (HIV). Due to the decreased immunity, the patient becomes susceptible to many other common infections like pneumonia and TB and certain cancers.

 AIDS is a generic term constituting the fatal degeneration of body functions as a consequence of a

multitude of infections.

    the fold of skin surrounding the tip of the penis or clitoris.

    a state of general restlessness or excessive movement. .

    a disorder in the body's production of melanin.

    movement of a body part away from the median plane of the body (an imaginary line drawn form head to toe dividing the body plane into half)

    to move towards the median plane

    an involuntary sidewise movement occuring in certain nervous disorders.

    any of a group of complex organic compounds found in certain tree barks, used in leather production and ink manufacture.