imperfect or inadequate absorption of nutrients from the intestines.

Also Read

    high blood pressure.

    a breaking out , especially the appearance of lesions on the skin.

    an inability to cope with the problems and challenges of everyday living.

    inflammation of the skin with itching and discharge from the blisters formed.

    painful spasm of the vagina preventing intercourse.

    softening of the walls of the stomach.

    a  long and narrow opening  made by cracking, splitting or separation of parts

    attachment of one DNA strand to another.

    any structure or function of the body that is outside of the normal range of variation

    inflammation of the glans penis and prepuce

    the peripheral, more viscous cytoplasm of a cell

    the removal of  calcium salts from bones or teeth.

    1.the consistency and accuracy with which a patient follows the treatment prescribed by a physician or health professional 2. a measure of the ease with which a structure or substance may be deformed.

    a slight increase in urinary albumin excretion.

    excessive outward curvature of the spine.