medicine, community

the study of health and disease in a defined community.

Also Read

    an eye condition with increased pressure within the eye ball, causing gradual loss of sight

    a reasoned explanation of known facts that serves as a basis of investigation to seek the truth.

    to cause the digestion or dissolution of bacteria

    the mental process of becoming aware of or recognizing an object or idea.

    reducing, becoming less

    an instrument for withdrawing fluid from a cavity.

    a cavity of bone or tissue, especially in the skull, connecting with the nostrils.

    morbid fear of movement.

    a nerve arising from the brain. The term means wandering. The nerve is so-called because of its wide distribution.

    a gland surrounding the neck of the urinary bladder in males and releasing a fluid that forms part of the semen

    a cell found in many tissues in the body which plays an important role in the defence mechanism of the body.

    Hidden, obscure; without apparent cause.

    liquid or particulate matter suspended in vapour in the form of a fine mist, used for treatment purposes.

    conjoined twins united at the abdomen.

    the application of a material to a wound for protection , absorption , drainage ,etc.