mono sodium glutamate

a sodium salt of glutamic acid used to flavour food.

Also Read

    the rate at which a sediment is deposited from a solution.

    impairment of sensation in the structures beneath the skin.

    production of horny cells or tissues.

    an agent that produces abortion

    an enzyme contained in the gastric juice which helps in the breakdown of proteins.

    a speciality of medicine concerned with the disease and health problems of older people, usually over 65 years of age.

    the process of wearing away as in the formation of a superficial ulcer.

    the commonest form of diabetes in which sugar and starch are not properly absorbed from the blood resulting in excessive thirst, muscular wasting  and excessive excretion of urine with glucose.

    a fold or crease in the skin, occuring as a result of sun exposure, associated with degeneration of elastic tissue.

    a protein synthesised in the kidney which stimulates the formation of red blood cells in the bone marrow.

    an antibody that seems to inhibit reproduction of trypanosome; found in rats

    a thick yellowish or greenish liquid produced from infected tissue.

    shedding of hair

    acquisation of feminine characteristics

    a condition in which the patient fabricates an illness to attract medical attention. Sufferers seek numerous medical consultations with different doctors.