examination with the hands, feeling for organs, like feeling the heart or pulse beat.

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    a mental state characterised by feelings of sadness, despair and  low self-esteem.

    surgical removal of a gland-like tissue (adenoid) from the region of the back of nose and throat.

    the process of extinguishing or removing heat or light.

    presence of an abnormally large quantity of cholesterol in the blood.

    an agent that promotes digestion- breaking up of complex molecules into simple ones for suitable absorption from the intestine.

    inflammation of one or more of the vertebrae.

    digestive liquid secreted into the mouth by glands to provide moisture and facilitate chewing and swallowing.

    a thin sheet or layer covering or part of a cavity

    an instrument for measuring the extent of a movement.

    a procedure to repair a detached retina by holding it in place.

    abbreviation for the computer based Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System.

    producing serum.

    denoting the presence of hair in an opening on the skin.

    the upper part of the trunk between the neck and the abdomen housing the heart and lungs.

    to reduce the severity of.