characteristic or indicative of a disease.

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    a toxin that has been treated so as to destroy its toxic property but retain its capability of stimulating the production of antibodies.

    a condition characterized by pain or discomfort on swallowing; it may be due to inflammation of the pharynx or larynx.

    a method for differential staining of bacteria.

    abnormal noises (ringing, whistling, hissing) in the ears.

    an irritating sensation that arouses the desire to scratch.

    relating to or covered with scales.

    a book containing a list of drugs with directions for use.

    a circumscribed narrowing of a hollow structure.

    swelling of fat in the skin, causing painful swellings.


    presence of the protein albumin in urine, usually indicative of disease of the kidney.

    illness or death resulting from belief in magic.

    a  destructive disease of the teeth due to the destructive action of the organic acids produced by microorganisms present

    reduced muscle tension in any part; relaxation of the arteries

    a chemical substance produced to move across the space between cells.