inflammation of the skin caused or elicited by exposure to sunlight.

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    the use of drugs to treat mental and psychologic disorders.

    the most abundant steroid in animal tissues and foods rich in animal fats

    dilation of a tubular structure.

    x-ray study of the fallopian tubes after injection of radiopaque contrast medium.

    rotting or wasting away of an organic matter.

    fungal infection of the cornea.

    the science concerned with the chemical aspects of nervous system structure and function.

    pertaining or relating to copper.

    a term used to denote one of two or more names for the same species.

    to cause the digestion or dissolution of bacteria

    abbreviation for ultraviolet B.

    irregular and involuntary movement of the limbs or facial muscles

    having a disagreeable odour and taste.

    subject to cross breeding.

    a systematic classification of living things or organisms.