inflammation of the skin caused or elicited by exposure to sunlight.

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    an intermediate in the synthesis of epinephrine.

    a wild uncontrollable emotion or excitement.

    food poisoning usually caused by the eating of the poisonous substance produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum from improperly canned or preserved food.

    referring to an organism in which genetic material has been introduced from another species.

    of slow understanding.

    a shallow depression or cavity.

    a bundle of muscle, nerve or connective tissue fibres

    biopsy preceded by injection of a dye or radioisotope proximal to a tumour to identify for excision  of the primary node draining the area; used to determine the extent of spread of a malignancy.

    urinary excretion of abnormal amounts of protein.

    a gland situated in front of the ear that produces saliva or spit.

    the incorporation or soaking in of substances (solids, liquids, gases, light or heat) by a system

    the type , number and arrangement of teeth in a species.1111

    a wound.

    obtained by rubbing the surface of the affected area with a brush to obtain cells for examination.

    a disorder of iron metabolism characterized by excessive deposition of  iron particularly in the liver and pancreas