inflammation of the skin caused or elicited by exposure to sunlight.

Also Read

    a separation between components of a structure or a process.

    a physical, mental, emotional or psychological remnant of a prior event

    excretion of abnormally large amounts of calcium in the urine.

    any disease marked by inflammation and pain in the joints, muscles or fibrous tissues, esp. rheumatoid arthritis.

    the process of developing, educating, learning or training new responses in an individual.

    adhesiveness;  the character of holding fast.

    an insatiable impulse to engage in sexual behaviour in a female.

    the dried leaves and flowering tops of Menthe piperita used for flavouring and having healing properties.

    a mental illness characterised by depression and ill-founded fears.

    swelling from an abnormal growth of tissue.

    muscular wasting.

    production of a new growth.

    a parasite that lives on surface on the surface of the host body

    act or conduct of diagnosis, treatment.

    the tendency  to form calculi or stones.