inflammation of the skin caused or elicited by exposure to sunlight.

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    reduced pressure of any kind commonly low blood pressure

    one quarter of a circle.

    absorption of fluid by a solid body without a chemical change in either.

    a condition with yellowing of the eyes or the skin caused by a liver disease

    a process for removing or cutting of fascia.

    discolouration of any part by disposition of a pigment containing iron.

    a fold or crease in the skin, occuring as a result of sun exposure, associated with degeneration of elastic tissue.

    the process of removing a mass of cells from patients body for finding out the disease or a problem.

    one of the three types of cells that together with the nerve cells compose the tissue of the central nervous system.

    semen expelled in ejaculation

    abbreviation for electrocardiogram

    Glandular fever is an infectious disease caused by the Epstein-Barr virus small amounts of which are present in the saliva

    a condition characterised by permanent loss of brain functions- manifested by absence of reponses to  external stimuli and reflexes.

    a benign tumour of mucous or gelatinous tissue.

    Amniotic fluid is an important part of pregnancy and fetal development. This watery fluid is inside a casing called the amniotic membrane (or sac) and fluid surrounds the fetus throughout pregnancy