abbreviation for Venereal Disease Research Laboratories.

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    a blunt-ended surgical instrument usually of metal for exploring a wound or cavity.

    a replacement of a part or organ.

    an approach to medical care that emphasizes the study of all aspects of a person's health.

    a chemical used to prevent bleeding by helping blood to clot in diseases like haemophilia and after surgeries of the heart and prostate.

    a condition characterized by the deposition of calcium salts in various tissues

    any deformity of the foot involving the ankle.

    extreme sensitivity to painful stimuli.

    the upper part of the trunk between the neck and the abdomen housing the heart and lungs.

    a process consisting of a sequence of steps ordered in a way that the each step depends on the outcome of the previous step. In medicine, a step-wise management of a health problem.

    a yellow nodule on the skin, composed of fat cells.

    opening into the skull.

    a triangular bone formed from fused vertebrae and situated between the two hip bones of the pelvis.


    a substance added to food products to prevent chemical change or bacterial action.

    a system of clinical evaluation of cancerous tumours based on the extent of the disease.