a cavity, as of the brain or heart.

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    reaction of living tissues to changes in pressure.

    a  form of cancer in which the cancerous cells are arranged in a gland form like those of breast, stomach and uterus

    also called pharyngeal tonsils, it is a collection of uncovered tissue in the region of the back of nose and throat.

    alternative choices available at each stage of deciding how to manage a clinical problem.

    the appearance of different characteristics in cells which were originally similar; a distinguishing mark especially between species within a genus.

    a collection of pus in the liver, a complication of intestinal amoebiasis

    a single celled microorganism that  mutiplies by cell division; they may be  motile or nonmotile, and some may cause diseases in human beings.

    Another name for the drug paracetamol

    marked by extreme concentration of attention upon oneself, self-centered

    pain in the hands and feet

    the principle that an organism or one of its actions is not equal to merely the sum of its parts but must be perceived or studied as a whole.

    changes in the normal number, physical characteristics, or the alteration in physical appearance of chromosomes

    a person's capacity to act purposefully, think rationally and deal effectively with the environment.

    thickening and pigmentation of the skin caused by new collagen formation.

    an instrument for measuring and recording the intensity of light in various parts of the spectrum.