collapse from the excessive heat of the sun.

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    abbreviation for ultraviolet B.

    a form of malnutrition caused by a deficiency of protein.

    the third and the last portion of the small intestine.

    examination of the vagina and cervix by means of an illuminated instrument.

    fastening together the ends of a broken bone by wire sutures.

    a substance formed by the mixing of carbon monoxide with haemoglobin. Its formation prevents the normal transfer of carbon dioxide and oxygen during the circulation of blood.

    a qualitative characteristic.

    a carrier of disease.

    abbreviation for electroencephalogram ; electroencephalography.

    numbness induced by injection of a drug in the lower back area usually during childbirth.

    a burning sensation in the chest resulting from indigestion.

    a tumour arising from a nerve or in nerve tissue.

    a dead body

    the nerve cell, the functional unit of the nervous system

    deposition of minerals like iron in the walls of small blood vessels.