a rounded tumourlike mass, usually in the lungs or brain, due to localized tuberculous infection.

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    type of sugars forming the main constituent of plant cells.

    an abnormally undersized person with disproportionate body parts.

    the valve closing the opening between the auricle and ventricle of the left side of the heart.

    profuse bleeding from the socket after the extraction of a tooth.

    an extract

    revival from potential or apparent death.

    a test or experiment, conducted under specific conditions.

    production or causation.

    abbreviation for erythrocyte sedimentation rate; a type of blood test.

    the incorporation or soaking in of substances (solids, liquids, gases, light or heat) by a system

    a mature red blood cell.

    spontaneous contraction of bundles of skeletal muscle fibres resulting in a localized twitching which can be seen under the skin but does not produce movement at a joint

    a hole between the upper chambers of the heart.

    conjoined twins united at the abdomen.

    a gradual degeneration of the structure or function of an organ due to improper nutrition.