abnormal composition of mother's milk.

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    a disease characterised by the accumulation of the amyloid protein in various organs and tissues of the body.

    a family of fungi

    a membrane of granulated tissue covering a surface.

    the excretion of unusually large quantities of urine.

    a cut or division.

    surgical procedure for widening a segment of intestine that involves incision and closing in opposite directions.

    an alkaloid found especially in cinchona bark; a bitter drug containing this is used for the treatment of malaria.

    an instrument for drawing aside the edges of a wound or for holding back structures adjacent to the operative field.

    formation of water vapour bubbles in the tissues brought on by an extreme reduction in barometric pressure if the body is exposed to pressures above an altitude.

    a condition in which the lens of the eye becomes opaque resulting in blurred vision.

    two headed; relating to biceps muscles.

    a male individual whose testes have been removed or have never developed.

    a cluster of small organisms , tissues or blood vessels esp. of the capillaries of the kidney.

    any disease of the bone.

    to make a hole with a small pointed object such as a needle.