capable of dissolving, of being dissolved in or of absorbing fats.

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    a disease process involving a number of peripheral nerves.

    an abnormal pattern of breathing with gradual increase in depth and sometimes in rate to a maximum,  followed by a decrease and even complete cessation.

    a microscopic organism multiplying in living cells and causing diseases.

    the coagulation of blood in a blood vessel or organ.

    invasion of the body with organisms that have the potential to cause disease.

    promoting the excretion of urine.


    the male sex cell containing the genetic information to be transmitted to the offspring.

    surgical removal of a gland-like tissue (adenoid) from the region of the back of nose and throat.


    a crystalline acid forming a constituent of urine.

    an agent used in the prevention ,diagnosis ,alleviation or treatment of a disease.

    acquisation of feminine characteristics

    a state of confusion , disordered thinking and memory occuring in metabolic disorders,intoxications and fever.

    Preventive treatment against disease