an instrument used to estimate the amount of butterfat in milk.

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    a nonencapsulated slow growing mass of poorly cellular, collagenous, fibrous tissue and elastic tissue

    a spherical particle of fatty substance suspended in aqueous medium within a tissue.

    production of sickle-shaped red blood cells in the circulation.

    a projection from the surface, especially of a mucous membrane.

    reduced pressure of any kind commonly low blood pressure

    taking a picture of the movements of organs or other structures by x-ray examination.

    a  very offensive odour.

    muscle that constricts the urethra to retain urine in the bladder.

    cutting into the crown of a tooth.

    a basin-shaped cavity at the lower end of the trunk.

    the branch of medicine concerned with the prevention of disease and with the promotion of physical and mental health.

    a chronic ulcer that appears on pressure areas of skin, in patients confined to bed or otherwise immobilized.

    growth of blood vessels in tissues not containing them.

    a form of a gene. The gene for every trait (outward appearance) may have various alleles - like the alleles for the eye colour gene. Alleles are situated at the same location on chromosomes. There

are always two alleles for every trait - one from each parent.

    the response of a muscle or other living tissue or organism to stimulus.