infection of birds and mammals, including humans with trematodes

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    Any substance such as gold used for restoring the portion missing from a tooth as a result of decay

    removal of an important brain part  resulting in  the absence of normal brain functions.

    the power of contraction of muscular tissue in response to an electrical stimulus

    a substance that is capable of producing an effect.

    a disease condition characterized by excessive muscle tone, exhibiting increased resistance to stretch.

    the elimination of a substance from the body.

    pain relief induced by the passage of an electric current

    a state in which one interprets and regards everything in relation to oneself and not to other persons or things.

    introduction of an endoscope through the vaginal wall for seeing the rectovaginal pouch.

    1. any body or mass. 2. the main part of an organ.

    a rapid heart rate due to acceleration of the sinus rate.

    deposition of minerals like iron in the walls of small blood vessels.

    inflammation of the conjunctiva which is the mucous layer covering the front of the eye and lines the inside of the eyelids

    excretion of abnormally large amounts of calcium in the urine.

    the increased sensitivity of the organ of hearing, so that sounds cause pain.