an obsolete treatment of various diseases

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    Fear of carrying and giving birth to a malformed infant.

    any of a variety of proteins found in neural tissue

    any organic compound used as an anaesthetic agent.

    an instrument for drawing aside the edges of a wound or for holding back structures adjacent to the operative field.

    a form of muscle wasting in diabetes, usually seen in elderly patients, characterized by abrupt or gradual pain and weakness in the thighs.

    the degree of intensity.

    growth of blood vessels in tissues not containing them.

    a wound.

    a scratch mark on the skin usually covered with blood .

    rotting or wasting away of an organic matter.

    a plant parasite of the skin

    abbreviation for erythrocyte sedimentation rate; a type of blood test.

    infection of the blood with several forms of bacteria.

    an inherited disorder characterized by the presence of spherical rather than normal biconcave red blood cells.

    chronic poisoning resulting from tea-drinking, characterized by palpitation, nervousness and headache.