congenital absence of urinary bladder

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    a disorder of iron metabolism characterized by excessive deposition of  iron particularly in the liver and pancreas

    the aspiration and removal of tissue or suspensions of cells through a small needle for diagnosis.

    an abnormal pattern of breathing with gradual increase in depth and sometimes in rate to a maximum,  followed by a decrease and even complete cessation.

    the science of the form and structure of an organism.

    the process wherein tissue or organs that usually reside within a body cavity are displaced outside that cavity usually through a traumatic disruption of the wall of the cavity.

    removal of the prostate

    a mental disease marked by a breakdown in the relation between thoughts, feelings and actions, frequently accompanied by delusions and retreat from social life.

    the process of giving birth.

    an instrument for determining pressure or tension.

    an agent destructive to tumours.

    difficulty in performing voluntary movements.

    to boil up or form bubbles

    to strike lightly with the finger or a hammer like instrument.

    enlargement of the abdomen.

    one of the paired female reproductive glands containing  the ovum or germ cells.