Top 5

Run for your health

  1. Stay shapely  - Running burns calories, the healthier you eat the faster you will lose the weight. Running also helps tone various muscles in your body, thus giving you an excellent physique.
  2. Prevent heart disease -Getting a daily cardio-workout such as running makes the arteries in the heart more elastic. So  the heart will not have to work as hard pumping blood throughout the body. The heart rate, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels may be reduced and kept at normal ranges with regular running.
  3. Maintain Healthy Muscles and Bones - Running enables the body to increase bone density and strengthen muscles. This form of exercise enables the body to form new bone tissue. Regular running can ultimately help prevent bone-related disease such as osteoporosis.
  4. Fight Insomnia - Running allows your body to sleep better and longer periods.
  5. Improve Mental Health - Running produces endorphins in your body, which cause a feeling of well-being. People that run on a regular basis report that they feel more optimistic. This is sometimes called a “runners high” because the effect can sometimes be instantly. Self-esteem and happiness is also improved with regular running.