Uric acid

How does uric acid form in human body? What are the problems encountered with that? How can it be reduced? Is pain connected with uric acid? How long the treatment shall continue? Please do furnish me all the details.


Uric acid is formed (naturally) in the body as a result of the metabolism (break-down) of proteins that we eat. Everyone produces uric acid and the excess uric acid is excreted from our bodies through the kidneys.Some individuals are unable to do this and have high uric acid levels (like some do not produce enough Insulin and get diabetes).
A high uric acid level by itself is not harmful. However, sustained high uric acid levels may get deposited in the kidneys (renal stones) or in the joints causing an acute arthritis (Gout). It is unlikely that the symptoms you describe are due to high uric acid. I would suggest that you see a rheumatologist for this to be evaluated