Pus from both ears

Since childhood, pus was coming out from both ears and my parents did not take good care of me. I consulted an ENT specialist at the age of 24, who checked me up and said that my left ear and right ear have got 80% and 20% of hole respectively. Pus was still coming out from both the ears, I consulted another ENT doctor who operated me on my nose. Now, for the past 6 years no pus is coming out. Will my ears which have got holes give problems in future? I would like to get my ears operated in order to gain 100% hearing ability? or can I run my future life with defective ears? What are the other problems I will face because of these ears? Please advise.


It is fortunate that at least your ear have stopped discharging pus after these two surgeries,which were performed on you. But naturally the ears are not normal for you, as there is bound to be a hearing impairment with a subsequent alteration of voice, which may be due to your altered hearing or even due to vocal abuse to a certain extent as you may be raising your voice because of your altered auditory feedback.
Since your ears are dry it may be possible for you to lead your future life with these defective ears but since your age seems to be in your thirties, I strongly recommend that you should consult your ENT surgeon for surgery. The reasons are:
1. The ears can still discharge pus again if you have a cold or some water goes inside due to bathing or swimming.
2. Your hearing may further deteriorate, as it is a well-known fact that people with a perforation of the eardrum tend to have an increased incidence of nerve deafness, the alternative to this may be only a hearing aid.
3. It is also possible, though not very common, that you may have dizziness also. A word of precaution: Please do not expect to gain 100% hearing ability after the surgery since it may be possible that you may already have some element of nerve deafness (an Audiogram, which is a test for hearing is required) and it is difficult to match natures gift to man by a surgical intervention.