How to handle behavioural problems in children?

I am working in a private company and my wife is a house wife. I would like to get an advice from you regarding the behaviour of my child who is a boy of 3 years 9 months old studying in nursery class. His main problem is, he is not mingling with other children at school and when he is at home he is used to only staying with his parents and not playing with other children. He is very smart in speaking. In school he is not playing with other children. He only plays with those whom he likes very much and these are very rare. Is this an abnormal behaviour? Please advise.


Your son's behaviour is not abnormal. Very young children often prefer the company of older children or adults, with whom they feel secure. But you could ask your child what he does in school and who his friends are and so on. Persuasion to include others must be gradual. Read stories to your son, teach him songs and let him have an active time. He will soon make friends.