What is the role of vitamin E and selenium in the regeneration of epithelial tissue?

What is the role of Vitamin-E and Selenium in the regeneration of epithelial tissue? Does taking anti-oxidants containing these elements have any positive impact in patients suffering from cervical erosion?


Anti-oxidants, including Vitamin E and selenium are currently very fashionable for treating and for preventing diseases, and for delaying the changes of aging and thereby prolonging life. At this time, there is more speculation, hope and hype, whereas what is needed is much more experimental evidence. Although these agents may help various diseases that are not otherwise readily treated, it is quite possible that their unrestricted use may harm. Individual experimenting with vitamin therapy and other anti-oxidants may be acceptable, but the results may be difficult to evaluate since so many diseases vary spontaneously. At present, their potential value in epithelial regeneration has not been clearly established, and the true effects may not be scientifically evaluated until the outcome findings of a few more years of study have been reported in reliable journals.