How to manage a urethral stricture?

I am a thirty year old male. I was operated for a small stone in the kidney about 11 years back and the surgeon had inserted a catheter for ten days. Following this, I got a stricture because of which I have problem while passing urine . Sometimes I get severe too. I contacted the doctor who had opertated and he advised dilatation three times. Because of the process I got scared and contacted a homeopath who gave me some medicines for the last seven year. On taking them I am able to pass urine with much difficulty but I can avoid dilatation. Is there any permanent solution in urology. I contacted one or two urologists who said that even with sugery there is only a 50:50 chance of permanent cure. Please advise me.


You have urethral stricture. All symptoms are due to obstruction to urine flow. Repeated dilatation is the treatment of choice, Internal urethrotomy gives better results. This is simple procedure.