My friend is having an affair with a married woman, should he marry another girl?

My friend is having an affair with a married woman. Also, one of his girlfriends made a marriage proposal, ignorant of his ongoing affair. He did confide in her about this but she does not seem to mind. Now this guy is in two minds: whether or not to go ahead with this alliance, though he does not seem to have much faith in love marriage?


Relationship is a very personal individual matter, and the friend of your needs to reach his own conclusion, and any directive advise to him might affect his thought process and make him take a decision that he would not like to take himself. It would be lot better, if he would talk to a psychiatrist and take some guidance.
As for you, you need to help him think, and evaluate his feelings for the women in the picture here, and with that he needs to also be able to understand the long term implications of the relationship he is in present and then take a decision.