Does boiling disinfect the water thoroughly?

Is it safe to drink water, which is heated in a coil? Nowadays small jugs, fitted with coils are available, which boil water in two minutes. Is it safe to drink this water, since it is heated directly via power? My father is diabetic and asthmatic. He suffers from indigestion if some variations occur in his diet, like if he eats at marriages and other functions. He starts vomiting the next morning after such excursions. During this process, he loses important body fluids. Thus, he has to take warm water for proper digestion. Please advise.


There are two general methods by which small quantities of water can be effectively disinfected at home – boiling or chemical treatment.
Boiling is considered the safest and most effective method of water disinfection. Vigorous boiling for one minute will kill any disease-causing micro-organisms and parasites present in water. The flat taste of boiled water can be improved by pouring it back and forth from one container to another (called aeration) or by allowing it to stand for a few hours, or by adding a small pinch of salt to it.

This answer has not been provided by a medical practioner.
Please use extra caution when taking the medical advice listed here
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