What diet should a heart bypass surgery patient follow?

My 54 years old father underwent a bypass surgery 15 days back. Please suggest a diet chart for him. His blood sugar levels, blood pressure and lipid profile are absolutely normal.


Suggested Diet chart:

  • Oats porridge - 1 big bowl
  • 1 medium glass low fat skim milk
  • 1 cup Oolong tea (without milk and sugar)

At 11:00 am: 1 cup green tea (without milk and sugar)
At 12.00 pm:

  • 1 glass cucumber juice, every alternate day
  • OR 1 glass carrot juice, every alternate day

Lunch at 1:00 pm:

  • Either 3 chappatis with dal and 1 subzi (with gravy)
  • OR Whole wheat pasta with vegetables like broccolli/ red pepers/ yellow peppers/ mushrooms
  • OR Dhalia khitchidi with vegetables and dahi

Evening Snack at 4:30 pm: An Apple
At 5:15 pm:

  • 1 cup Green Tea (without milk and sugar)
  • 2 whole wheat rusks with a schmear of peanut butter

Dinner at 7:30 pm: 1 medium bowl of brown rice with rasamor sambhar and vegetables + 1 glass chaas + 1 salad + 1/2 cup sprouts