Why is my wife suffering from fever, headache and body stiffness?

My 66 years old wife weighs 60 kg and is 152 cm tall. She has multiple fractures of the spine caused by osteoporosis (BMD - 3.3). It occurred for the first time in Calgary, Canada eight months back. She is taking calcium (Risofos, Calciferol granules, Shelcal etc.), iron and vitamin D tablets. She has lost over 2 inches of height and 14 kg of weight. Last month, she was administered IV injection of zoledronic acid (5 mg). The infusion was given over 2 hours. Next morning she developed slight fever 99.5 degree Fahrenheit, headache, stiffness in body and dryness of mouth. How long will these effects last? Why is my wife suffering from fever, headache and body stiffness?


Zoledronic acid is known to produce multiple side effects including those of fever, headache and body ache, as seen in your wife. These are usually lasting for short duration (in days). Though it is not very clear exactly how long they last.

From your query I am not clear whether your wife has taken zoledronic acid after stopping Risofos or if she is continuing Risofos. Both the drugs belong to the category of biphosphonates the difference is in the dosage schedule and some degree of efficacy. If your wife has been given zoledronic acid 5 mg, then that is sufficient biphosphonate for a year. You do not need to give any other biphosphonate. Please stop Risofos right away. You could continue with calcium supplement.