Is there any relation between thyroid and anti-CCP test?

I am a 33 years old into my twenty seventh week of pregnancy. My T4, total (thyroxine) is 15.2 mcg/dL, TSH is 0.27 uIU/mL, which indicate that T4 is on the higher side whereas TSH is on the lower side. The doctor has suggested anti-CCP test. Is there any relation between thyroid and anti-CCP test?


These reports suggest that you have thyrotoxicosis but we need to find out the cause. Pregnancy itself can induce this condition due to high levels of hCG. But usually this occurs during first trimester and women having hyperemesis (too much vomiting), Other condition will be hyperthyroidism (Graves disease) which can be suspected if you have goiter, eye and skin changes. This disease can be diagnosed by doing anti-TSH recepter antibodies and even anti-TPO. Treatment of both conditions is different so it is important to find the disease causing raised T4 and reduced TSH. Next time when you get thyroid profile get free T4 rather than total T4. Anti-CCP is a indirect evidence of autoimmunity and may be positive in Graves' disease.