Is it advisable to wear contact lens if I have different powers for both eyes?

I am an 18 year old female having different powers (right eye power is 1.5 and left eye power is 3.0). I wear contact lens for my work. Is it safe to wear contact lenses?


There is no harm in wearing contact lenses even if you have different powers. I will warn you though that you must maintain proper hygiene in wearing and cleaning them.

Once you start wearing contact lenses, number of hours of continuous wear may vary depends on person to person and environment you are in. Moreover you should never sleep with contact lenses in your eyes.

Contact lenses wear reduces gas exchange between the cornea and atmosphere which is necessary to maintain transparency of the cornea. The eye can withstand slight lack of oxygen for so many hours after which it can start to cause slightly hazy vision. This is a warning for the eye to take the lenses out and give a rest for few hours. Your contact lens specialist should explain all these to you.