• Brief Profile

    Dr Bela Jain is a Consultant Orthodontist at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital in New Delhi. 


    Academic Record

    • Master in Orthodontics, M.D.S., King George's Medical College, Lucknow, 1984 
    • Bachelor of Dental Surgery, B.D.S., King George's Medical College, Lucknow. Stood first in order of Merit. Awarded 8 certificates of Honour and 6 Gold Medals. 




    • Practicing in Delhi since 1984, own clinic in Rajendra Nagar. 
    • Consultant, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital since 1990.


    Membership of Professional bodies


    • Member, Indian Association of Orthodontists, since 1982. Currently Member, Board of Management of the Association. 
    • Member, American Association of Orthodontists (USA), since 1992. 


    Professional Recognition 


    • Fellow, Pierre Fouchard Academy, 1995. 
    • Fellow, International College of Dentists, 2000 
    • Fellow, World Federation of Orthodontists (USA)

Questions Answered by me

Implants are probably a better idea for you. Of course an X-ray is needed before we can make a final decision. Keeping in mind that you are only...

Answered on : 30 Oct 2006

You have only 4 wisdom teeth not 6. One on each side upper and lower. Expect some pain swelling and difficulty to open mouth properly for a week...

Answered on : 01 Sep 2006

The permanent teeth erupt till the age of 12. Normally there should be no reason for worry. Still it is best that you get an X-ray done and...

Answered on : 05 Jan 2006

Your problem needs to be sorted out in 2 phases.
1. The tongue thrust/suck habit is stopped using a dental appliance.
2. The gaps in...

Answered on : 13 Dec 2005

There is absolutely no reason why you cannot go ahead with an X-ray and then get the root canal treatment. A lead apron will be used during the X-...

Answered on : 18 Nov 2005

The tooth can usually be safely extracted in the second trimester of pregnancy. The final decision will be that of the treating Gynaecologist and...

Answered on : 12 Jul 2005

There should be no problem in waiting a year and a half to get the Implant done although the norm is to replace a tooth earlier rather than later...

Answered on : 10 Jun 2005

The teeth should come by the age of 8 years of age. There is really no reason to worry. If you really want to confirm, one X-ray will do it.

Answered on : 30 Mar 2004

After getting a root canal treatment you should get a cap put to avoid fracture of the tooth. Chances of re-infection because of not putting a cap...

Answered on : 24 Dec 2003

Cavities are a bacterial infection. If present, get them filled. Instead of getting teeth removed try and get root canal treatmen done. There are...

Answered on : 12 Nov 2003
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