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    When we talk of a ‘Quit Smoking Program that has helped thousands of smokers quit smoking effortlessly and successfully’; we hear of only one name resounding loud amongst all the whispers, ‘Sajeela’s Quit Smoking Therapy’. Dr Sajeela Maini is the one of the leading names in Tobacco Cessation in the world. With her magical prowess, and extraordinary charm, she has made a radical change in thousands of tobacco addicts. She is better known as a “lady who would sweep all your addictions with her magic wand”.   A Clinical Psychologist, by education and training, Dr Sajeela runs her Centres in Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, New Delhi and at National Heart Institute, New Delhi. Dr. Maini is President, Tobacco Control Foundation of India; which has in its gamut, activities related to eradicating the tobacco menace from the community at large. A social activist as she is, Sajeela works ardently on major social issues, primarily lifestyle and addiction related disorders. “Healthy living – Wellness” is the theme, conceptualized by Tobacco Control Foundation of India, to sensitize the community at large, for healthy living. Sajeela believe in wellness, that has its physical, psychological, social, environmental and spiritual parameters. In her strive towards healthy living, she has started a social initiative, to help society at large, understand the genesis of healthy living. She also organizes community outreach programmes, camps, workshops, educational and other activities related to lifestyle modification, health and wellness, quit smoking and other substance abuse disorders.  Quit Smoking Programs Dr. Sajeela conducts Structured Tobacco Cessation Interventions in her clinics at Sir Ganga Ram Hospital and other hospitals; wherein tobacco habitués are given treatment for tobacco dependence. It is a highly individualized treatment program, suited specifically in response to the needs of the habitué. The success rates of abstinence are very high; which makes her comprehensive tobacco cessation program distinct and one step ahead of others.  In addition to the clinical work, Dr. Maini has started a “Quit Tobacco Movement”, for the society at large. She organizes “Structured Tobacco Cessation Workshops” in various organizations; wherein employees are treated for tobacco dependence in a group setting. The essence is to make the “Organizations Tobacco-Free”, in their true sense.  Corporate Wellness – Healthy Living Sajeela is a Lifestyle Consultant, and has entered into “Corporate Wellness – Healthy Living” in a big way; and is today known for her lifestyle modification and stress management therapies. Loaded with empathy and warmth, she does change human thought processes. And makes all the difference with her simplicity and truth!  “We have an age-old habit of treating our diseases. We would go one step further; and strive towards ‘preventing diseases’ – ‘prevention is always better than cure’. And in that process, we can avoid many of the terminal illnesses to develop in itself. Sajeela believes that there are three pillars of health - Right diet, right exercise and right sleep – the three R’s can change the continuum from negativity to positivity, from ill-health to wellness.  Dr Maini conducts workshops on lifestyle modification therapy, stress management and coping skills training, motivation enhancement therapy, effective communication skills therapy, and sleep management therapy. Organizations  Dr Sajeela is regularly conducting workshops with union ministries and departments, major public sector undertakings, government organizations, and private organizations, national as well as international. Some of the organizations where she conducted her programs are NDMC; NTPC; ITDC; NBCC; NPL; PFCL; PDIL; KRIBHCO; HPL; PGCIL; TOI; TERI; NHPC; CONCOR; NSC; BEL; PHHL; AAI; CEA; BEE; STC; Everest Industries Limited; American Express, Encore and Johnson & Johnson.   Dr. Maini is an avid researcher and is involved in various research projects. She has written many articles and has been covered extensively by both the print and the electronic media. She has been awarded several times for her meritorious contribution to the community. She has been facilitated with the ‘Achievement Award’ on Women’s Day, 2011, for making outstanding contribution to the society, saluting the spirit of womanhood.  Dr. Maini has a Doctoral Degree (PhD) in Health Psychology. She also is a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) with specialization in Human Resources Management. Sajeela wants to make this planet a better place to live in. We strive for a rejuvenated, reformed, and a new world. She has dedicated herself fully to the cause. “It is just a small beginning; there are miles and miles to go…..”
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