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    Dr Mahipal. S. Sachdev, Chairman & Medical Director, Centre For Sight Group of eye hospitals is a renowned Ophthalmic Surgeon who is recognized for his expertise in the areas of Corneal, Refractive & Cataract Surgery, both nationally and internationally. He is widely credited to be a pioneer in India in propagating the technique of Phacoemulsification for stitchless cataract surgery and Lasik Laser for removal of glasses.  He has also pioneered bladefree cataract and bladefree LASIK surgery in India, being one of the first surgeons in the country to adopt the cutting edge technology offered by the femtosecond laser. He has been honored with Padmashri award for his excellence in the field of Medicine by Hon. President of India Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam on March 23rd, 2007. 


    Dr Sachdev pursued his medical education at the graduate and post graduate level at the prestigious All India Institute of Medical Sciences. During his residency, Dr Sachdev was awarded the Best Resident Award and also topped his batch in the M.D.Examinations. He later joined AIIMS as a Faculty Member. In the year 1989, he took up a Fellowship at Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA for a year and then returned to AIIMS. 


    In 1996, Dr Mahipal Sachdev stepped out of AIIMS and founded Centre for Sight with a dream of creating a world class eye hospital. Today, Centre for Sight is India’s leading network of super-specialized eye care centres with 45 centres of excellence across the country. 


    Dr Mahipal S. Sachdev has received numerous awards and distinctions in India and abroad for his contribution to Ophthalmology. He has been recognized globally with fellowships and scholarships from the “Fifth International Symposium on Immunopathology”- Japan, “International Society of Eye Research”, “Research to Prevent Blindness”, New York, “Fisons award by the Contact Lens Association of Ophthalmologists”, USA amongst others. In India he has won the “A C Aggrawal Memorial Trophy”, “Col. Ranagachary Certificate”, “Krishna Sohan Singh Trophy”, “Dr Ishwar Chand Silver Jubilee Award” to name a few. On 9th February 2012 he has been awarded “Achievement Award” by the  “Global Punjabi Society.


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