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    Prof. S.K. Kacker did his graduation (MBBS) in 1960 and post graduation M.S. (Otolaryngology) in 1963 from King George's Medical College Lucknow (UP). He did his F.R.C.S. from Royal College of Surgeons, London, England in 1968.He is the Chairman for the Committee for Development of aids for The Handicapped. He was awarded the Padma Shri in 1986. He received numerous awards and delivered many orations and guest lectures. He was Honorary Surgeon to the president of India. He is an expert on panel of Indian Council Of Medical Research. Examiner of various postgraduate Examination in Indian Universities and Nepal. Expert on selection committees of Various Universities and Medical Colleges. At present he is a senior consultant ENT at the Sitaram Bhartia Hospital, Delhi. His field of specialization is otorhinolaryngology, neuro-otology and rehabilitation of communication handicapped.

Questions Answered by me

You are suffering from confirmed dust mite allergy. You have been treated correctly and adequately for allergic rhinitis and allergic bronchial...

Answered on : 17 Sep 2009

Nasal polyps have a tendency to recur. Occasional dose of corticosteroids has been recommended if nasal breathing is impaired. Better consult a...

Answered on : 29 Aug 2009

Asymmetrical tonsils are uncommon in normal persons. They can be associated with unilateral enlargement if associated with tonsil abscessor...

Answered on : 04 Aug 2009

All children as they grow up get colds as they are exposed to new viruses in day-to-day life. They are protected by maternal antibodies for first...

Answered on : 19 May 2009

As per your history, you are suffering from sudden sensorineural hearing loss, which recovers up to two months only from date of onset. It is not...

Answered on : 23 Apr 2009

You are suffering from chronic recurrent rhino-sinusitis. There is a big list of causes including history of family allergy/susceptibility as in...

Answered on : 13 Mar 2009

For your six-month-old son I would recommend life style changes for the whole family:

  • no smoking
  • no feeding with bottle in...
Answered on : 03 Mar 2009

Grommets will come out on their own.
Bad point is that he cannot swim as water may enter the ear and cause infection.
Good point is...

Answered on : 13 Feb 2009

If hearing is lost totally, it can be restored by cochlear implant. Investigations will be required to confirm the chances of success.

Answered on : 27 Nov 2008

There are two ways to prevent frequent cold and bronchial infections:
Life style changes and vaccinations with vitamins.

Do put...
Answered on : 20 Nov 2008
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