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    I have done MBBS and MD sports medicine; Trained in Switzerland, served International and national sports teams as consultant and team doctor. Treated celebrities like IPL Cricket players, Marathon runners, hockey players and all other sports persons. Done original research in obesity in school children, house wives, spine problems related posture and lifestyle. Done lot of original work and discovered diseases (related to computer users) like SSS (Straight spine syndrome), UNS (urban Neck syndrome), and expert in workstation ergonomics. Currently running a spine clinic in Hyderabad and conducts workshops on fitness, Nutrition and Stress management. Developed health related gadgets like skinfold calipers and manual; written booklets on children and fitness.

Questions Answered by me

Your weight is more, which is one of the causes for heel pain; so wear good shoes while working. Put your feet in lukewarm water daily for 10...

Answered on : 28 Apr 2010

You probably have a simple knee strain; don’t worry about MRI they always over-read. Please do not sit on low height. Put warm and cold pack...

Answered on : 28 Apr 2010

You probably have some computer syndrome like RSI (repetitive strain injury) or your elbow joint may be hyper-extended, that means check whether...

Answered on : 29 Mar 2010

It is uncommon to have both hamstrings pulled; I think your muscles are not well conditioned enough to take the load of the intense game. Remember...

Answered on : 23 Mar 2010

Spinal stenosis is fairly common but produces pain and difficulty in few. Due to increasing age, inactivity, poor fitness and wrong ergonomics (...

Answered on : 11 Feb 2010
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