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    Dr AK Venkatachalam is UK trained consultant Orthopaedic surgeon in Chennai, India. He is board certified in Orthopaedic surgery and holds British and Indian qualifications. He is in independent private practice and has visiting rights in several hospitals. He is also an Associate professor in Orthopaedic surgery. He was educated in India and the UK. He completed his basic Orthopaedic training in New Delhi. He then underwent higher Orthopedic training for four years in Liverpool, Glasgow and Manchester where he worked as a specialist registrar. He got a sound exposure to all super specialties of Orthopedics like Joint replacements, arthroscopy, Spinal surgery, paediatric orthopaedic surgery, hand, foot surgery and trauma. He went on to publish several articles in International medical journals. After his return to India, he has been working as a consultant in independent private practice.    From 2002 through 2003, he took a break to work in the Middle East. He headed the department of Orthopaedics at a regional referral hospital in Oman and later worked as a consultant in Dubai, UAE. He has presented talks and guest lectures in India and abroad. He has headed research and development for a company in the Orthopaedic implant industry. He has established himself as an expert in all aspects of Knee, Shoulder and Hip surgery. He has pioneered High flexion Knee replacements, Custom fit knee replacement, oxinium knee replacement.     He has visited centers of excellence in Australia, Belgium and UAE.   Currently he is interested in minimal invasive Knee replacements, less invasive surgery of the Hip, knee and shoulder. In the Knee, he performs minimally invasive High flex knee replacements, unicondylar replacements, revision surgery, High tibial and femoral osteotomies, arthroscopies, ACL Reconstruction, cartilage surgery. He offers all procedures in Hip surgery like Hip replacements, hip resurfacing, Birmingham Hip replacement, Proxima hip. He has experience in treating acetabular and pelvic fractures. Recently he acquired the distinction of performing the bone preserving hip replacement or Proxima Hip. His shoulder practice consists of both open and arthroscopic procedures. Shoulder resurfacing, replacements, Arthroscopic subacromial decompression, Rotator cuff repair, Mumford procedure Bankart and SLAP repairs are to name a few operations that he performs.    He contributes articles to several news, papers, journals and magazines.  

Questions Answered by me

If you need a knee replacement in young age, I offer the Oxinium knee replacement in India, which is meant to last for a long time than...

Answered on : 20 Apr 2010

Osteopaenia is not a painful condition. You probably could have spondylosis for which you may need exercises.

Answered on : 01 Mar 2008

You can leave it alone if it is not causing any problem.

Answered on : 05 Feb 2008

The new technique used by many Orthopaedic surgeons in India, including myself, is arthroscopic shoulder stabilisation using suture anchors....

Answered on : 04 Jul 2006

Avascular necrosis affects the subchondral bone. This should not weaken the rest of the proximal bone increasing its susceptibility to fracture....

Answered on : 14 Jun 2006

You have a neuropathic foot, which means that it is numb due to severance of the nerve supplying sensation to the foot. If recurrent infections...

Answered on : 03 Feb 2006

95% of disc prolapses respond to conservative treatment like functional rehabilitation, which consists of gradually increasing mobilisation, pain...

Answered on : 31 Dec 2005

The grating sound emanates from the knee cap joint. A sizeable proportion of patients who have undergone ACL reconstruction with the patellar...

Answered on : 07 Nov 2005

If you had a fracture to the lower end of the femur, some muscle wasting should be there. You need to work hard to develop them. If the fracture...

Answered on : 07 Nov 2005

It appears you have torn rotator cuff repaired. Your surgeon and physiotherapist would have structured a rehabilitation programme for you...

Answered on : 18 Oct 2005
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