What we do

Raxa is a place where people, both patients and providers, can access and store reliable, ethical health information. DrRaxa.com is part of this larger endeavour.  The information portal at Raxa.com primarily tries to answer the three main questions uppermost in people’s minds when they are unwell: ‘what is wrong with me?’, ‘where can I get help?’ and ‘how much will it cost?’.  The answers to these questions are available on the site or can be specifically obtained from an eminent medical expert. Over 200  experts from all over the world are affiliated with Raxa.com and are committed to replying within four days of being asked a query.  Amongst other things, Raxa has developed a free, open-source Electronic Medical Records system [raxa.io] that is truly panoptic in scale and through which people can privately and securely retrieve their portable, accurate and transferable personal medical data. This is available to patients and their medical practitioners online. Raxa has also produced medical information on important health issues like pregnancy, diabetes and sexually transmitted diseases and is making it available on cell phones.

We invite you to view our site and ask questions and store and retrieve data regarding your health problems or those of your family. We would also be grateful for suggestions on how we could improve the quality of information we provide.